Somerset Festival of Nature is a celebration of Somerset’s natural environment; its enduring and stunning landscapes and seascapes, its vibrant green spaces and inspiring natural places, and all the rich and diverse wildlife that lives in this wonderful county. The Festival is modelled on kindred Festivals across the UK, with the same shared ambition – to find as many ways as possible to put people of all ages back in touch with nature, and help us all recognise and appreciate its value in our lives.  It is time Somerset joined the nature celebration, so May 2018 sees the birth of the very first Somerset Festival of Nature.


What does the Festival look like for 2018?

The aim for the Somerset Festival of Nature in 2018 is to firmly plant the seed for one key event in the year where we all give ourselves the perfect excuse to get outdoors and, as a county, celebrate our wildlife and our natural places in Somerset.  This year, this date is Saturday 5th May and Somerset’s very first Festival of Nature will take place at Fyne Court in Broomfield .  For the entire day all the participating organisations will come together to offer the public the chance to get involved in lots of brilliant nature-based activities from pond-dipping and den-building to guided walks.  

Whilst there is one key event on this date, the Festival will also provide information about a whole host of other events that are taking place around that date all over the county - so even if you cannot come along to the Festival day itself, you can join a celebration or activity nearby on a date that might suit you better.  There is something to suit everyone. 

Next year? Let’s build a better and brighter future for our natural world. We are just at the start of something special for Somerset this year and we will grow the Festival in years to come. We want you to be part of it.


"For it is only through being positive and celebrating what we have in Somerset that we can make a difference.  And it is only through passion that we can inspire others to value nature and take action to defend it.  Collectively we can do so much more and make a real difference. We have to make the difference."

Simon Nash, Chief executive, Somerset Wildlife Trust.


How can we make a difference for Somerset?

If we want to make sure that we can sustain a dynamic, vibrant and resilient environment in Somerset, we have to work together. To read about Somerset's environment challenges, its natural advantages and what we all can do to help, please download our PDF by clicking the link below:


All images © Jim Elliot